Tree Services During School Holidays

Take advantage of being home with the kids and get some tree services during school holidays. So get us around to help trim back some trees, prune some bushes or even remove a complete tree if necessary.

No job too big or small for us here at Strictly Tree Work. As a family business we fully understand having the home yard and garden nice and safe for the kids to play around in. Even if your garden or yard isn’t very large at all, and even if you don’t have kids, there is always the risk of some branch coming off in the future high winds and crashing down on your car or part of your house, believe me, I’ve seen it all and would prefer if I never see it again.

Well anyway, you see where I’m coming from here, the message is let us clean up the place for you when it comes to trees and bushed etc while you’re home with the kids.

Thanks for your time, Steve.

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