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13 November 2013


Hey, look at that!? – Pre-season storm season upon us again.

Things are getting busy and we recommend that you have a look around your yard and garden to check that there are no overhanging branches etc that might be struck off in a big storm and come tumbling down and smash something valuable (like your car, house, bike, wife or whatever).

If there is any way we can help in your yard, then feel free to give us a call:

0404 626 221

Thanks to all and again, Have a great Christmas!

We’ll do our very best to look after you.

Many thanks.


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01 January 2013

Happy New Year to all our valuable customers, and Happy New Year to all our valuable potential new customers for 2013.

After reviewing our past year’s work, we are so pleased to see returning customers call us up to complete their regulr property maintenance year after year.

No job is too large or too small we always say, so we are just as happy to come out and trim some hedges, cut of some over hanging branches or even bring down a big old tree that might fall down by itself all over your house in the next storm.

Some people just ask us out to get our opinion on their trees.

So whatever your reasons are, we don’t mind, in fact if there is any way we can help in your yard, then feel free to give us a call:

0404 626 221

Thanks to all and again, Happy New Year!

We’ll do our very best to look after you.

Many thanks.


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06 Oct 2012

October already, you know what that means.

Summer is on its way, and that’s great. Fantastic as it goes,

but guess what?

If you live in Brisbane, you live in the Tropics and that means along with all that great weather is a few storms, floods, that sort of thing. You know what I’m talking about…

We’ve all been there before, so we know what’s coming. The clever ones plan in advance. Is that you?

Look at your yard. How are those trees? Branches hanging over enough? Can’t tell? Don’t want to look?

We understand.

Give us a call and we’ll drop in and give you a full pre-storm evaluation. That mean we can tell you what trees will stay up and what trees will fall down on your house. 

We’ll do a pre-storm evalutation for free. And if you contract us, we’ll make it as easy as possible, after all, we would love to see you next year too.

Yes, it seems that nothing is for free these days and we know that you can take our storm evaluation and get someone else to take away those over-hanging branches, clear all those leaves etc, but thats the risk we are prepared to take, because we think when you meet us and see our work you will be impressed enough to not go anywhere else, and instead hire us if you need any work done.

So the only question left un-answered here is what kind of risk are you prepared to take?

Call us anytime on 0404 626 221

We’ll do our very best to look after you.

Many thanks.


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10 Mar 2012

Just yesterday I was out at one of my old customer’s house to see how he was going, when I came across a big old palm tree laying across his lawn. “Tree came down in the storms” he grumbled. I looked around and said: “you don’t know how lucky you are”

What he didn’t realise was that it was simply by chance that the tree fell into his yard and not into his neighbours yard. Had that have happened, it would have taken down their wooden fence and smashed into the corner of their tin shed too, probably doing quite a bit of damage to both. After a bit more of a discussion, he realised he would have been up for about $2,000 in repairs had the tree fallen the other way.

“You should tell people about that” he said, and indeed, here I am passing this message on: Its cheaper to pay to have a tree removed professionally, than to let it fall down”

Thanks for reading.


Professional Tree Removals Brisbane northside 

24 Jan 2012

Tree Damage Clean Up Brisbane Northside

Some people say it’s easier for us to arrive to clean up a tree that has already fallen down rather than cut it down ourselvse, but I can tell you one thing for sure: it’s not easy looking into the expresions on the faces of our customers at the damage the fallen tree has done to their home.

Let’s face it, had they trimmed back that tree a month ago then we wouldn’t be here now pulling branches out of their broken house.

Remember, you don’t need to cut the whole tree down. Believe me, we love trees. It’s knowing how to trim away the dead branches, how to identify potentially dangerous over-hanging branches and that sort of thing.

If in doubt, give us a call and we will come out to your property at no charge and prove advise and a free quote for any tree trimming service.

We know you have a choice, so we make sure we do the best for you with our tree removal and stump grinding service in Brisbane northside.

oh, by the way, if you ask, we will extend our pre-storm discount – see this page about our pre-storm website tree service discount.

5 Dec 2011

Extended Tree Cutting Service for North of Brisbane 

Our Tree removal and stump grinding service is now extended to North of Brisbane Suburbs including:

Redclife, Margate, Woody Point, Scarborough, Kippa-Ring, Clontarf, Burpengary, Caboolture, Deception Bay, Mango Hill, North Lakes and all nearby areas.

Yes, you may have already seen our trucks in this area before, and certainly, we could admit we have been happy to travel to these areas when requested. However, now we are officially offering our fast and immediate tree removal services all over north Brisbane and North of Brisbane too.

6 Oct 2011

Storm season is fast approaching South East Queensland.

Are you prepared?

Our advise is to “do yourself a favour” and get those trees down now before the storm brings them down for you. I don’t need to tell you that we can bring down a tree (or part of a tree) in a much safer way than a storm ever will.

It is a fact that insurance companies get many calls for claims as a result of structure damage caused by falling trees. Its nice to be insured, but do you really need to go through that whole process? And to be sure as night follows day, your premiums will go up too so,

In summary:

1) Have a look around your property.
2) Note how tall and overhanging your trees have become
3) Cut down and prune what you can reach
4) Call us to remove the big dangerous trees
5) Call us to prune back large fiolage
6) Call us for tree stump removal

23rd August 2011

Check out our facebook page and give us a like. If you are looking for some tree work around Brisbane, and you’ve never used our services before, be sure to ask about our “first time customer” discount.


5th August 2011

Firstly, let me say thanks to all my customers for their support during the first six months of 2011. Its been a bumper of a year! Most of our jobs have been in north Brisbane and most have been tree removal and stump grinding.

Of course when we remove a tree, we had to have first cut the tree down. Some people ask me is it called ‘tree felling’ or ‘tree lopping’ and I always say it depends how much of the tree you need to remove. The word lopping means to cut back or cultivate, where as the word felling means to fall, which would imply the whole tree coming down. Personally, I don’t mind what it’s called as long as we can look after you and the tree that’s causing the problem.

Secondly, let me say thanks to all my regular customers who have refferred me on to new people, who have in turn become customers. That really helps and because of that I know that every job I do and do well, – I mean really well – which by the way is always! then its like an advertisment that my customers do for me. So, thanks again, you guys are great and I’ll always look after you.


March 2011

The past few months have seen us busy with storm damage clean up and land clearing as a result of the natural disasters that have occurred in and around the greater Brisbane area.

Our fast response to urgent jobs have gained us a strong reputation with our regular customers in addition to new customers too. Real estate agents and insurance companies have the benefit of creating corporate accounts with us which keeps administrattion and paperwork to a minimum and a faster turn-around for all jobs.


Dont forget that stump grinding is an important part of the tree removal job. At times, people are just concerned with removing a dangerous tree from their yard, without a thought for the stump that remains after the tree is cut down.

Be wary of tree removal companies that charge extra for stump grinding and removal.

We discuss all aspect of the job up front so there are no missunderstandings.

We’ve been told that this clarification is a big help.


phone us today:   
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