Brace Yourself Brisbane – Storm Season on its Way

If you are reading this and and it’s September or October then you are ahead of the game when we talk about preparation for the coming Brisbane storm season. This much we know from years of experience: Trees will be blown over and damage homes, cars etc. Branches will be torn off from severe weather and come down onto your property and cause damage. I’m sorry to be blunt here, but I deal with this every year.

This includes overhanging branches and or big trees close to your house or fences. these things don’t fix themselves.

The good news is that you’re reading this and that means you have taken the first step to getting reliable tree services to your property before you too may face the damaging consequences. Put it this way, its better to see me sooner rather than later!

Call us to discuss your concerns and we will come around and provide a free quote on actions required to get you through the storm season.

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