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Tree Services During School Holidays

Take advantage of being home with the kids and get some tree services during school holidays. So get us around to help trim back some trees, prune some bushes or even remove a complete tree if necessary. No job too

Brace Yourself Brisbane – Storm Season on its Way

If you are reading this and and it’s September or October then you are ahead of the game when we talk about preparation for the coming Brisbane storm season. This much we know from years of experience: Trees will be

Winter Winds in Brisbane Bring Down Trees

It’s here again fellow Brisbane’rs – windy ekka day and that means windy weather all over Brisbane. Do you have large trees swaying under the mighty pressure of the wind? Big trees come down in wild weather – that’s all

Pre-Storm Tree Removal Brisbane

  Storm season is fast approaching Brisbane. Are you prepared? We’re here to help – take advantage of our tree service pre-storm season offer today:  read more >>     Danger from overhanging branches?   Big trees growing too close to your

New Equipment for 2015

Hi and welcome to our updated website and the great news of our updated equipment. To be on top of the game, one needs the best tools for the job and here at Strictly Tree Work, we have always understood

Tree Cutting News – archive

13 November 2013   Hey, look at that!? – Pre-season storm season upon us again. Things are getting busy and we recommend that you have a look around your yard and garden to check that there are no overhanging branches